Behind every customisation project lies an ultra-unique Mini Themed Bar. Regardless of how amazing a standard version is nothing beats your personal touch. We listen to your requirements and work tirelessly to fully fulfill your expectations.

With our customisation service anything is possible. Whether it’s a one off customised paint colour with a pearlescent finish, an artistically styled airbrushed bonnet and wings showcasing your logo or corporate branding – Anything Is Possible.

Our most popular customisation projects are for businesses who utilise the unique aspect of a Mini Themed Bar to showcase their branding or business logo at any corporate event or social gathering. Themed Bars are always a huge talking point regardless of situation. Your customised Themed Bar is not just seen by all, but most importantly remembered by all – Anything Is Possible.

Logo’s & Branding

We can fully customise your Mini Themed Bar with company logos or branding. For those wanting a little something extra we can airbrush any design to give your Themed Bar the ultimate finish

Customised Paint

As they say the world really is your oyster. Weather it's a unique purple with a hint of pearlescents, a vibrant rainbow or something a little more wacky and out there - Anything Is Possible

Bonnet or Boot

Hood or trunk? Mini Themed Bars come in two options - the front or the rear of a vehicle. It's completely down to what suits you best and what really fits the intended space

Bespoke Glass Service

As well as offering a range of glass desk top sizes, shapes and finishes you can also choose from transparent, frosted, black or maybe even perspex - Anything Is Possible

Themed Desk Extras

Your Themed Bar doesn’t just have to be a beautiful, fully functioning bar. Why not add some amazing and useful features such as a beer or wine cooler, power or working lights. Sound system already included.


We are committed to ensuring every Themed Bar and Car B Q's authenticity. Your Themed Bar is fitted with its very own “CARBQIN” number or the “Car B Q Identification Number” as we call it  

"Why not add some amazing and useful features such as a beer or wine cooler, power or working lights?"


Every Mini Themed Bar is customised to your exact specification and requirements. We hand build every project from scratch, using only the finest materials. 

Your Mini Themed Bar is not just an eye catching talking point, it is a piece of bespoke, fully functional artwork with its own identity. 

"Your Mini Themed Bar is created with passion. Make it yours. Make it special"


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