100% Bespoke and Customisable

Behind every customisation project lies an ultra-unique Car B Q. Regardless of how amazing a standard version is nothing beats your personal touch. We listen to your requirements and work tirelessly to fully fulfill your expectations.

With our customisation service anything is possible. Whether it’s a one off customised paint colour with a pearlescent finish, an artistically styled airbrushed bonnet and wings showcasing a favourite picture or movie scene, or every popular sports fan’s dream – styled in their team colours – Anything Is Possible.

Our most popular customisation projects are for businesses who showcase their branding or business logo at corporate and social events. Car B Q’s are always a huge talking point regardless of situation. A corporate branded Car B Q is not just seen by all but most importantly remembered by all – Anything Is Possible.

Bonnet or Boot

Hood or trunk? Car B Q’s come in two options - the front or the rear of a vehicle. Bonnets tend to be the most popular as many believe them to be more aesthetically pleasing 

Charcoal or Gas

We offer two different fuel types for all Car B Q’s. We strongly recommend the fitting of a gas BBQ as the flames are more controllable verses the unpredictability of charcoal

Customised Paint

As they say the world really is your oyster. Weather it's a United Red or a City Blue, a Champagne Pink or a Pearlescent Purple we can make anything possible. We can match most colours

Logo’s & Branding

We can fully customise your Car B Q with company logos or branding. For those wanting a little something extra we can airbrush any design to give your Car B Q the ultimate finish

Car B Q Extras

Your Car B Q doesn’t just have to be a beautiful, fully functioning BBQ. Why not add some amazing and useful features such as power, working lights, a sound system or even a horn

Car B Q Authenticity

We are committed to ensuring every Car B Q's authenticity. Your Car B Q is fitted with its very own “CARBQIN” number or the “Car B Q Identification Number” as we call it  

“Potentially the coolest thing ever, an absolute must for every home and garden”

Anything Is Possible

Every Car B Q commission is fully customisable to your exact specification and requirements. We hand build every project from scratch, using only the finest materials. 

Your Car B Q is not just an eye catching talking point, it is a piece of bespoke, fully functional artwork with its own identity. 

Every Car B Q is created with passion and should be an extension of your company, you or your personality. In short, your Car B Q is simply - a one off.

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